Maggie Dolin is forty-five and isn’t dealing with getting older very well. Seventeen years ago, she gave up her job in publishing to raise her daughter, Gia—but now her only child is about to leave for college, and Maggie isn’t sure what her new purpose will be. She’s been the caretaker and nurturer for so long that she can’t even remember the last time someone took care of her. She wishes Jim, her husband of nineteen years, would take that role on—but he’s been distracted and disconnected, and she’s convinced he’s hiding something from her. Her self-involved, judgmental mother and resentful brother, meanwhile, are certainly no help, and her father—the only person in her life who’s always been there for her and asked nothing in return—is dealing with increasingly serious health issues, leaving Maggie without her rock. As all these stressors pile on, Maggie finds herself pulled in a direction that makes her question the life she’s always known when she finds something more intriguing that she never expected. After Happily Ever After deals with love, marriage, family, the empty nest, aging parents and what happens when they all come crashing down at the same time.

Next Generation Indie Books

After Happily Ever After was recognized as the winner of the Next Generation Indie Book Awards. Check out my video for more info. 

“Leslie A. Rasmussen’s After Happily Ever After gives voice to many women in the “sandwich generation” –  and the voice is a funny one.”

Leslie Lehr, prizewinning author of A Boob’s Life and What A Mother Knows

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