A shout-out to all book clubs, I have joined Novel Network. If your book club would like to invite me to join one of your events, schedule a time  via Novel Network. This is a free service that arranges a 30 minute online visit either by FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom. The visit is free and so is your membership. There is, however, a small fee for longer, one-hour online and/or in-person visits. Please click here to sign up for your Novel Network membership and to request an in-person or online visit to your book club!

Questions, Comments?

  • What was the inspiration behind the book?

  • Tell us about your background in screenwriting?

  • What was your purpose for writing this book? What ideas were you trying to get across?

  • Who was your favorite character in the book?
  • Which scene has stuck with you the most?
  • What is your experience as part of the sandwiched generation?

  • Who is the reader you’d most want to read this book?

  • Were any of the characters in the book based on people you know? 

  • What do you think happens to the characters after the book’s official ending?

  • What’s next for you? Where can readers find more info?

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