This Is What No One Tells You About Being A Woman In Your 50s

I remember when I was the youngest one in the room.

I was in my early 20s, working at my first professional job, and my colleagues were at least twice my age. I thought they were so much more sophisticated than I was. They had children, and money issues, and were concerned about their aging parents and their medical needs. My only stress was finding the right outfit for a Saturday-night date. I was free and clear with no real responsibilities other than paying my rent and getting to work on time.

Going Through Menopause

That’s because menopause is something women go through mostly alone. And as our bodies and our hormones are unique to us, we don’t all share the same experience when we’re going through it. While some women experience nothing other than their period ending, other women experience the full monty of side effects, including hot flashes, weight gain and hormone swings.  Read on.

From Television Writing to Novel Writing

Anytime you share your creative endeavors with people, you open yourself up to being judged. As a writer, when I expose my words to the public eye, I’m vulnerable to other people’s opinions, which can be scary and exciting at the same time. When I was younger, I was never the class clown, or quick with a comeback, but everything I wrote in the past, whether it was a letter home from camp, or a short story, always contained humor, which is why the first writing job I got was on a television comedy. Read on

She Is A Writer

Have you wondered what someone would say in their eulogy at your funeral? Would they describe what kind of person you were, or what you had accomplished? Would they have enough to say about you? When you are in the middle of your life and you look back at all the things you’ve done, or haven’t done, are you satisfied? I think about what advice I’d give to my twenty-year-old self, my thirty-year-old self, my forty-year-old self… well, you get the picture. Read on.

How My Son’s Sleepaway Camp Helped Me Grow Up

Didn’t I want my little boy to become a young man? I was so busy raising him that I never stopped to think about the day he was grown up and leaving for college. Parenting is about loving and nurturing your child and helping them grow up to become a responsible, contributing member of society. When my two boys were young, I couldn’t imagine them as adults. 

5 Stresses of Marriage and How You and Your Spouse Can Navigate Through Them

Life is filled with ups and downs and not every couple can navigate through them. Learning how to deal with stresses before they happen can increase the odds that your marriage will last. Here are five tips on handling the most common stresses you’ll likely encounter in the life of your marriage. By As wedding season begins, and so many couples are walking down the aisle, I ponder how many couples will make it last. Life is filled with ups and downs and not every couple can navigate through them….

Bullied By My Bathroom Scale

I know very few women who are truly happy with the number they see on their scale in the morning. For the most part, we eat healthy and exercise as much as we can, yet, in the morning when we get on the scale, something happens. By innocently flashing a number, the scale takes on a voice in our head that seems to tell us we aren’t good enough When I hit my mid-forties, I realized that my body had decided what weight it wanted to be. I could argue with it, I could go on some stupid juice cleanse, I could exercise until I dropped, but my body was in charge. No matter what I did, the scale would remain at that same number. 

A Mom’s Life: Finding Balance

Have you ever seen a man in a Porsche pull up next to another man in a Mercedes, they size each other up, deciding who’s better. Then the light changes and they go on their way, each one thinking their car is better. The car is a metaphor for the men’s feelings of success and self-worth.

The Day I Realized I Had Finally Become An Adult

As another birthday was approaching, I wondered when I would finally feel like a grown-up. I was over 50, yet still didn’t quite know what those words meant. I was responsible. I was mature. Heck, I had wrinkles, so why didn’t I feel grown up?

How I Learned To Argue With My Spouse By Watching My Parents Never Argue

When I looked for a spouse, I had certain things on my list that were non-negotiable. He must love me more than his car, must find my occasional neuroses charming and must really like my sisters. I got married very young. What I never considered was what it would be like to argue with my spouse. Would we argue in the same style, and how quickly would he give in and agree with everything I said?

Femail: How You Can Use Email To Take The Bite Out Of A Fight.

I’ve been married for almost 26 years, so I’ve learned the right way and the wrong way to have an argument with my spouse. I’d like to say the right way is, for me to always be right and him to be wrong and for him to come to me on bended knee for an apology. But that would be the Facebook version, meaning none of was true.

Who Are You Trying To Impress

Women have changed so much in the past 100 years, we’ve gone from being discriminated against, to the ability to choose to be anything we want. We can have a career or be a stay-at-home mother or anything else we want to do. We still don’t quite make as much as our male counterparts in the same jobs, but you can’t deny we’ve come a long way, baby.

Married Money: Why You’re Really Arguing

Marriage is a union between two people who love each other. As anyone who has tried it will tell you, merging two lives, two personalities, and especially two bank accounts is not easy. We get our ideas of the value of money and how to spend it from the way we were raised. My parents provided all the essentials along with special treats once in a while….

My Journey

I love my husband and kids, and I am proud of the life I chose to follow, but these other women seem to have it all. They have high-powered careers they make look easy, along with perfect children who are great at everything. I know intellectually that this is probably not true, just because they aren’t posting that their Straight A daughter is dating a guy with bad skin and a lopsided ponytail or that their high-powered job as a doctor really mean they prescribe medical marijuana at a dispensary. My problem is that when I see it on Facebook, there are those minutes where I do wonder what the truth is.

Parenting 101: Your Child’s Stress Is Your Stress

I don’t think there’s anyone who can raise my stress level the way my children can. Our children don’t realize that we not only have our own anxiety, but we take on theirs as well. It’s not the healthiest thing to do, but it comes with the territory of being a parent….

Short Women In A Tall World

There aren’t a lot of people my height; so, the majority of people don’t understand what it’s like being this short. In my life, I’ve heard every comment about my stature from, “You know, good things come in small packages,” to “Wow, you’re so tiny, I want to squeeze you.” At 6 that was fine, but at my age, it’s patronizing…

The Differences Between Men And Women

My friend Jamie and I talk every day, sometimes twice a day. We joke around, talk about our lives and what crazy things we’ve gotten ourselves into. It’s great having a friend that you connect with. Now what if I told you Jamie’s a man, and we are both married to other people. Go back and read what I just wrote and suddenly, this friendship takes on a different look.

There’s Still Time to Do What You Love

In my late 30s I had my first child and I chose to stay home with him. I knew I made the right decision because I would stare at his adorable face for what I know now was so long that my husband would have to tell me to take a shower. I didn’t think about whether I would be able to go back to my job after my child or future children were in school. That “time off,” which as every mother knows is not time off at all, turned into seven years….

To Love, Honor And Annoy

Most people think this means you support each other through the big things in life — getting sick, going broke, or your dog throwing up all over the house. I think what it really means is you need to love your spouse for their better habits, along with their worse habits. When you make a commitment to someone you’re making a commitment to put up with another person’s weird quirks forever. I think these quirks can make marriages stronger.

What Happened To My Fun Husband?

When you get married, hopefully you know a lot about your husband. How many kids he wants, his views on spending money, how he can open another Gatorade, forgetting that he’s left four other half empty bottles in every room of the house. But you might not have thought about how you and your husband would differ socially and what that might mean to your marriage.

What It Mean to Be a Mom

One day, my son came to me and told me that there was a boy at school teasing him. It was causing him distress because he was young and didn’t have the self-confidence to stand up for himself. My mama bear instincts kicked in and to be honest, I wanted to go to the school and berate the little bully until he cried. Now, that may not be politically correct, and of course I wouldn’t do that, but as moms, when our child is being hurt by anyone or anything, we go a little off the deep end, even if we only get to destroy the accused in our dreams.

When Your Firstborn Leaves For College

My oldest son will be leaving for college at the end of the summer. I knew this day was coming — he had taken the SAT, written all the essays for the applications and had been waiting to see where he wanted to go. Since he got accepted, I have decided to remain in a state of denial that at some point soon, he will be leaving our house.

Why You’re More Than One Woman

Who am I and how do I define myself? You’d think this would be easy to answer, but it’s really not. As women, we’re so many different things, yet we’re expected by most people to define ourselves in pretty specific terms. This begins almost from when we’re born, because our parents label us, even if they don’t mean to.

What My Vacation From Facebook Taught Me About My Life

I think most of us tend to go through life thinking that other people have it so much better than we do and Facebook makes it easy to keep that theory alive. Taking this vacation from Facebook helped me decide to give up on the idea that my life as a whole will be perfect in every aspect.

When Your Youngest Leaves For College… In A Year

School’s starting this week and I’m already stressed out. Not because I can’t remember if I bought enough school supplies, or filled out all the emergency contact forms, but because my youngest will be entering his senior year of high school.

What Watching The Bachelor Has Taught Me About My Marriage

magine going on a romantic date with a gorgeous man who flies you by helicopter to a deserted island. There’s a picturesque beach, not a soul for miles, and somehow he’s gotten there ahead of the helicopter and set up a picnic filled with all your favorite foods.

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